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Raspberry Cough

STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Raspberry Cough isn’t as scary as it sounds. Instead, it’s an uplifting and energizing high with a punch of fresh raspberries and a light smattering of delectable orange notes.Users can enjoy its potent 24% THC level without a harsh or bitter edge. It incites calm and unworried thoughts, relief from pain and jumpstarts creative juices.

The Raspberry Cough strain is a hybrid strain which was created from the ICE and Cambodian strains. It is a sativa-dominant strain which is 70% sativa / 30% indica. The THC levels are quite high in Raspberry Cough and average between 15 to 24%. The effects of the Raspberry Cough will be noticed almost instantly in a cerebral high. It will clear your head and leave you focused and motivated – ready to take on the day. And contrary to its name, the Raspberry Cough does not induce a coughing spell. You should feel very relaxed and calm, while at the same time maintaining that alertness and motivation.

That being said, it is great for treating conditions such as fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, and even asthma. This is due to its high THC levels and ability to induce a mild euphoria and boost your mood. Just as the name implies, Raspberry Cough smells and tastes like raspberries. It has also been described to have a very nutty undertone as well as an earthy one. The many energizing effects of the Raspberry Cough have made it a top hit among the marijuana smoking community.



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