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Orange County OG

STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica)

Orange County OG,” is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the original OG Kush that was born and bred in the one and only Orange County, California. This bud packs your classic OG high and flavour, although with a little bit more of an eye-opening experience. The high comes on with a pretty quick hit of energizing effects that fill you with a sense of euphoria that won’t overwhelm you.

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Orange County OG cannabis strain is a 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid with with a high THC average. This light green bud has clusters of golden red hairs covered in crystals. This strain has a subtle herbal scent with a strong earthy aroma. The taste is more driven towards a surprising earthy lemon side. It can treat headaches, depression, ADD/ADHD, loss of appetite, fatigue, and chronic pain. Best for daytime usage.

Orange County OG cannabis strain’s high is a gradual uplifting energy setting your mind running wild with energy and creativity. Your body is in a relaxed state just before you get very hungry.



1/8 OZ, 1/4 OZ, 1/2 OZ, OZ

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