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Layer Cake

STRAIN TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Layer Cake is a popular, high-powered, indica-dominant cannabis strain that many cultivators have produced. Its origins are believed to be in the gardens of Swamp Boys Seeds. It comes from a three-way cross involving four strains. Technically speaking, a Layer Cake is defined as a cake made up of two or more layers with icing or another filler between them. Triangle Kush is mated with Skunk, which is then crossed with GMO (also known as Garlic Cookies), and finally crossed with Wedding Cake. Sounds like the definition of a layer cake to me, with a nice layer of kief as the filler. The Layer Cake nuggets are made up of bright orange clumps of pistils and fuzzy golden trichomes, over chunky dense fern-green leaves. Using a tray underneath when handling the buds is recommended, as the kief content can be extremely high.

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Layer Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It is cultivated by many different cultivators. However, its origin can be attributed to Swamp Boys Seeds. The Layer Cake strain has four parent strains. These are Triangle Kush, Skunk, GMO, and Wedding Cake. The first two are crossed at the beginning, and then the resulting strain is crossed with GMO and then with Wedding Cake. This complex layering is what gives the strain its name. This weed has a high THC content, averaging at over 25%. Such a high THC value makes this cannabis suited more to experienced users. It contains Limonene as the primary terpene and has a pungent aroma.

Whether you prefer to smoke the buds or make edibles using its oil, this marijuana will give you a buzzing effect all over your body. It will also cause a feeling of euphoria. Despite its strong effects, it does not cause couch-lock, which might be a reason for its popularity. Users report feeling bursts of motivation, and they remain focused. This cannabis is also used to treat medical conditions such as PTSD, depression, muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep.



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