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Island Pink

STRAIN TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Island Pink Kush is an indica dominant strain that is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing looks and tremendous terpene profile. Although the genetic history of this strain is shrouded in mystery, what we do know is that Island Pink Kush was originally bred as a cross between the beloved Pink Kush and another unknown, but potent strain of indica lineage.

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Renowned for its aesthetically pleasing structure, unknown origin, and incredibly high potency, Island Pink Kush carries a tremendous terpene profile while offering an overall complex experience. Enigmatic in its origins, alike the Easter Island statues, not much is known about where this indica-dominant hybrid derives from or by whom it was created. What is known however, is that this powerful strain is cross-bred from the beloved Pink Kush as well as a mysterious strain of high THC lineage, reaching an average percentage of 19-28% concentration — exceeding well above the average hybrid. Its’ complexity is unmatched in that it both delights smokers with euphoria, as well as relaxes the mind.

Considered one of the most sought-after strains, Island Pink Kush is a raw, revitalizing force to be reckoned with. Due to its high THC levels, this beautiful strain is only recommended for more experienced users, as its effects are both quick-hitting and stimulating, enhancing its smoker’s perception. The overall effects vary from uninterrupted euphoria, fleeting into smooth transitions of sleepiness, with highs of enriching relaxation, and uplifting moments of sheer happiness. An undeniably complex strain, it can be useful in helping to alleviate chronic back, neck, and joint pain as well as aiding in the remedy of inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Medicinal users find this strain ideal for reductions in stress and anxiety, as it can also help with experiences of fatigue, depression, ADHD and PTSD in some individuals. On the flip-side, this strain’s uplifting characteristics contribute to a static social environment. The high THC levels help induce bouts of energy, raising the vibe of the room and stimulating all smokers partaking in its effects puff-puff-passionately. This potent indica gifts smokers with a feeling of utter bliss and tranquility. Alike other indica-dominant hybrids, this strain may cause dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, and dizziness and is not recommended before driving or using heavy machinery. Caution is advised.



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