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Funky Charms – Kingsman Crew

STRAIN TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Funky Charms is a cereal lover’s dream with its kush and biscuit rainbow of funky flavours coming from the Rainbow Chip mother which is a combination of Sunset Sherbet and Mint Chocolate Chip and then crossed with the Grease Monkey. The funky aroma consists of diesel fuel and sage, with hints of citrus and mint, with whiffs of chocolate and vanilla are present. Combusting Funky Charms yields a sweet, mint-citrus flavour, and leaves a spicy-sage aftertaste.

Taste & Smell: Fruity, Spicy, Sweet
Effects: Calm, Energetic, Creative, Happy
Pairs Well With: Arts & Crafts, Housework, Eating, Exploring Nature, Knitting, Reading, Walking in the City

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The Funky Charms nugs are fuzzy, consisting of lime and fern-green leaves, tightly packed together, and littered with furry, caterpillar-like orange pistils. Thick braids of yellow trichome hairs encompass the buds thoroughly, providing a sticky, protective, and potent finish.

The dominant terpenes, Beta Caryophyllene and Alpha Humulene, are most known for their neuro-protective benefits. Consumers report uses including fighting pain and inflammation as well as reducing depression. Along with this blissful physical relaxation, many users report experiencing a stimulation of creativity, along with a steady stream of energy. Just like Funky Charms’ deep gene pool, this versatile hybrid is not just a one trick pony. From improving mood, to reducing physical pain, to stimulating the mind, Funky Charms has a rainbow of applications as described by its users. Being such a well-balanced hybrid, it is the user’s desire that tips the scale one way or another. For example, some users wake and bake with Funky Charms and go about having a productive day. Others say they end a productive day, then go enjoy Funky Charms before eating, mellowing out, and going to sleep.



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