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Cinderella 99

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Cinderella 99, also known as C99 or simply as “Cindy” is a celebrated sativa strain that was crafted as the result of generations of specific genetic selection. Originally bred by Mr. Soul from the team at Brother’s Grimm, it has quickly become notorious for its dreamy and very psychoactive high.

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The plant generally appears green and produces dense, rich, and sticky buds that require a sharp grinder or scissors to break. Buds are medium green and produce pollen-hungry brassy orange pistils that curl and twist among the sugar leaves. Many glistening crystals decorate the bud, making it shine like a diamond when observed under a light.

The strain is known for its room-filling mild/tropical aroma. When burning up in smoke, it produces a dominant piney flavour with hints of fruity taste. Some users also report that Cinderella 99 oozes fruity and citrusy scents with a strong taste of a fresh tropical citrus candy.

Cinderella 99 produces a smooth smoke that gently moves through the throat. It takes about 3-5 minutes to start feeling the full effects of the Cindy 99 marijuana strain. You can expect a high that consists of uplifting, creativity, dreamy mood, and a light full-body buzz. Users often report a boost in energy that can last throughout the day. It is one of the marijuana strains recommended for daytime use.



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